Executive Team

Wodonga TAFE Executive Team

Phillip Paterson

Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director

Phillip provides leadership and advice to the Wodonga TAFE Board on establishing objectives, policies, priorities and plans for the Institute. Phillip works with the Wodonga TAFE Board, the Higher Education and Skills Group, community and industry partners to deliver against strategic and operational objectives for the Institute. The CEO ensures that the strategic objectives of the Institute are achieved in a manner that best serves the greater Albury Wodonga community and the north-east region of Victoria.

Graham Hart

Executive Director - Education & Training

Graham has the responsibility to provide strategic advice in the areas of education and training both domestically and internationally. Graham manages government service agreements for delivery with the Higher Education and Skills Group and out-of-state departments and oversees educational quality as well as ensuring students are provided with academic support. Graham has the oversight of the three delivery departments of Education & Vocational Skills; Community Services & Health, Industrial Skills & Trades, as well as the Educational Development & Learner Services incorporating International and Higher Education.

Belinda Leskie

Chief Finance Officer

Belinda has the major responsibility to lead, manage and report on the financial performance of the Institute. The role also provides financial, risk management and business strategy advice to the CEO, the executive team and directors of the Institute to achieve the Institute’s strategic plan in the context of legislative frameworks and operational systems and financial performance.

Victoria Conlan

Executive Director - Community & Industry Engagement

Victoria leads the development and marketing of innovative products in order to build and develop new business opportunities domestically. The Driver Education Centre of Australia (DECA) business arm of the Institute and the Skills & Jobs Centre both report through to Victoria. This role provides strategic business development advice and comprises Marketing & Sales, Product Development & Innovation, Skills & Jobs Centre and DECA.

Carolyn Davis

Executive Director - People & Capability

Carolyn has the responsibility for the development and implementation of strategic human resource management and capability to build and maintain a positive high performance culture through programs and processes designed to increase individual and organisational capability, productivity, satisfaction and well-being through investment in our people. Carolyn also oversees industrial relations, employee relations, workforce development and change management processes.

Les Burr

Executive Director - Academic Affairs

Les has the responsibility to provide academic leadership to the Institute and strategic advice to the CEO, together with overseeing the Client Services & Quality Management department which ensures outstanding services to our clients.


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